Police Say Woman Who Tried To Climb Fence At Zoo Was ‘Possibly High’

In one more update about for what reason we’re bound like an animal variety, a lady has been taped intentionally moving into the walled-in area of an African lion at the Bronx Zoo.

The lady, who is yet to be distinguished, was shot by stunned spectators as she moved over the boundary and walked unhesitatingly into the lion’s fenced-in area. She at that point continued to have a strained showdown with the creature, where she insulted it by waving her arms about and performing ridiculing move moves.

By some supernatural occurrence, be that as it may, neither the lady or the lion were harmed.

What’s more, since the video was presented on Instagram, it immediately turned into a web sensation and has started shock around the world. Continue looking to watch the recording and to hear increasingly about the story, including the explanation that she may have been made to do her crazy trick.

The incident happened at the Bronx Zoo.


Situated in the core of New York, the Bronx Zoo is probably the biggest zoo in the United States by territory, containing an amazing 265 sections of land of parklands and naturalistic territories.

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