The Sister Feud Over A Spandex Is Trending On Twitter And People Are Relating To It

Everything and anything happening on Earth have its sets of Pros and Cons like there are numerous merits of being a lone child, you get all the gifts and attention to yourself but too much attention also is a pressure making you feel forced to be the perfect child.

And if you have a sibling, they will solely annoy the hell out of you but the house will never be boring, you don’t get lonely at all as you can share anything with them.

But wait the Sharing part is where the drama starts! When you run out of Mascara and you steal from your sis’s, which will eventually get lost and the feud begins. Same goes for boys too, for them, it comes in video games, gadgets, etc.

This is Trinity Hartman,16 and Jordan Torstenson, 12 from Arizona, U.S.


Last Friday Trinity texted her sis to borrow a pair of spandex, she didn’t get a ‘yes’ in return but the convo regulated into an argument worth sharing.

The blue bubbles are Trinity’s, here’s how it all started…

Jordan’s comeback is so cute, it’s like she had it all recorded down on a list of what her sis stole from her room and laid them down at the right moment.


When you text a person and the messages show up in caps, that’s when you know they are shouting through text.


So, basically, no one know’s who took the foundation first!

That heated argument where you’re like, “God, I hate my sis the most on this whole planet” then a minute later, you guys make an evil plan together against your brother. The brain reflex is quite quick here too.


Trinity thought it was a hilarious convo and tweeted the last few lines on Twitter. Many people could relate to and instantly made the post worth 100,000 likes.

And when people on social media relates to a hot trending news, they attach their own versions which lead to a thread of the ongoing process.

The calmness at the end though!


This one sure does own up her actions like a bawse!


When you finally read something practical and real on twitter!


The struggle is real, she ain’t leaving the house without wearing them!


I actually feel pity for the one who owns the tube, that message is too deep.

Aha, the one who always wants to win either way.


That elevated in a musical way, weird but cool.



Trinity says,

“My sister and I argue about small things a lot, but at the end of the day we always make up, and we love each other a lot. Even when I’m mad at her, I’ve got her back. She’s pretty much my own built-in best friend.”

“They can mess with each other, but nobody else is allowed to say anything to them,” her mom, Tina Torstenson also adds that all three of her daughters, including her 7-year-old, are “frenemies.”


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