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Remove Back And Belly Fat In No Time With This Simple Exercise

We all want that summer bod in time. The only problem is, food is such a treasure, and giving up your favorite chocolate, candy or junk food for months can feel like an actual version of hell.

Well, what if I told you that you can have both. Next time you want to stuff your face with your favorite delicacy, you can go right ahead and do it, just do this simple exercise and you will be able to maintain and build on your body.

1. The plank:

First, let’s explain just what this special exercise is and how you go about doing it. Doing it correctly is a key factor in ensuring that you get the results you want.

2. Demonstration:

The Youtube channel titles Runtastic Fitness does a great job in explaining how to properly go about doing the plank.

3. Exercise:

The plank is an isometric exercise, this means that you are maintaining a single position and thereby, working on the muscle without actual movement. Therefore, this is the perfect exercise for those of you who don’t have a wide space to work with.

4. Start:

The type of plank demonstrated in the picture below is one of the basics, better known as the β€˜hand plank.’ Place your hands on the ground, aligned with your shoulders and use your toes to push your body up.

5. Hold:

Hold this position, keep all the muscles in your body tight and firm.

6. Don’t:

Your hips will begin to rise, just to find a more comfortable position, but resist it. If you begin to feel lower back pain, its okay to life your lower back slightly.

7. Alternative:

You can also drop your knees but keep your back level, and you have an easier modified plank to work with.

8. Try this:

Another modified position is to rest on your elbows. Make sure your arms are aligned with your shoulder and push toward the ceiling with your toes.

9. Challenge:

Challenge yourself with the 28 day plank challenge. Start with 20-45 second intervals and you can build up to 3-4 minutes.

10. The Plan:

For the first two days, hold a 20-second plank, and increase to 30 seconds on the 3rd and 4th day. Try to build up to 40 by day 5.

11. Rest:

Day six is rest day, but continue to add 5 seconds onto your plank time for the 7th and 8th day.

12. Hold:

Once you hit the 1 minute mark, keep that plank time for a few days and then continue to add 5 seconds a day.

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