• 20 Illustrations that describe the most intimate, fascinating and unexplored side of couples

    There is nothing more beautiful for a couple than having moments of intimacy that  interpenetrate more and more. Although many think that talking about this is something morbid and even dirty, it is nothing more than fascinating. Going from that frantic moment when the hormones cry out for the bodies to unite to the point where ecstasy makes them […] More

  • 10 Times People Hilariously Summed Up What Being In Your 30s Is Really Like

    Each stage of your life is special in its own way. Childhood is full of endless wonder and curiosity. Teen years are all about carelessness and freedom. The twenties are the introduction to adulthood. And thirties – thirties is when all the dust settles and people have the confidence to just be themselves. Well, at least that’s the […] More

  • Vegan YouTuber Who Said Veganism Cures Cancer Has Died Of Cancer

    Mari Lopez, a vegan YouTuber who claimed that veganism was a reliable cancer cure, has died of terminal cancer after it spread to her blood, liver, and lungs. Mari Lopez produced a number of videos about her vegan lifestyle and Christian faith with her niece, Liz Johnson. She claimed in a number of her videos […] More

  • 22 Witty Things People Did During A Relationship

    Who says being married kills all the fun? Just because the millennial age has slammed all the pristine aura of love and marriage it doesn’t mean every couple has lost the essence. There are couples that still ignites with love and care all throughout their shared lives, they are such an inspiration. The loyalty and ambiguity […] More

  • Florida lawmakers reject assault weapons ban, approve bill allowing teachers to carry guns

    Florida lawmakers shot down an amendment on Monday that would have banned semi-automatic “assault” weapons like the AR-15 used in the Parkland school massacre. They did, however, agree to raise the legal age for purchasing a firearm to 21 — and approved legislation that would give teachers the right to carry guns in school, NBC-2 reports. The […] More

  • Remove Back And Belly Fat In No Time With This Simple Exercise

    We all want that summer bod in time. The only problem is, food is such a treasure, and giving up your favorite chocolate, candy or junk food for months can feel like an actual version of hell. Well, what if I told you that you can have both. Next time you want to stuff your […] More

  • Top 28 Funny Responses To Wrong Number Texts

    Have you ever sent a text message to a wrong number? You should know that you’re not alone.Have you ever sent a text message to a wrong number? You should know that you’re not alone. Usually, it’s an easy mistake to correct. However, some people have a harder time getting out of it. It’s all […] More

  • Beginning Of A Relationship Vs. One Year Later

    Relationships are a funny thing. In the beginning, it’s a thrill ride full of emotion. As time goes by, our trust and endurance are tested. Anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship knows love isn’t easy. The first few months, your partner is pure perfection … then you realize he or she is FAR from […] More

  • 16 Photos of Fails

    We’re not perfect, we’re only human, and it’s normal to make mistakes. While we all are victim to error, not all of us are victim to it being documented. There are some people, a few unfortunate people, that are unlucky enough to have evidence of those errors forever. For all of you who can relate, […] More

  • If Your Man Does These 8 Things With You He Loves You A Lot

    He loves me, he loves me not…it takes more than flower petal picking to know whether your man really digs you or not. But rest assured if your man is really head over heels, there 8 things that you can pretty much bet on him doing consistently. He Listens Carefully They say attention and showing […] More

  • 11 Funny Comics That Will Tickle Your Funny Bone! #10th Is So Evil!

    Over the past, a ton of great Web comics was uploaded to the Internet. Below are the best funny comics that delivered the most laughs over the year. They are funny, smart, sarcastic and sure to give you a blow of laughter. Everybody around the world knows what comics are funny, heroic and sometimes sarcastic […] More

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