Secret Habits All Women Do But Never Admit

Women are amazing. They are an unsolvable enigma waiting to take over the world with the collective powers of feminine perception, badass heels (or sneakers, whichever) and some bold red lipstick. We girls, lead our friends to believe that we are the best human beings, but even the best of us are guilty of doing some of these weird things. Weird as they may be – they make us who we are.

1: Trimming Their Pubes With Regular Scissors Instead Of Waxing

Body hair for women is an issue. Not only do we have to keep a close eye on how much our body hair is growing, but the pubic hair is also an issue. And shaving down under is not only painful but is tricky and difficult as hell too. Most girls just use small scissors to keep their pubic region clean. Who has the patience and strength to endure waxing near the bikini line anyway?

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