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20 Refreshingly Random Things That Men Find Attractive In Women

Now us women may think we know precisely what men are attracted to, by and large. But we might just be overestimating our knowledge in that department.

It’s not always long, blond hair and big breasts that draw men’s attention. Sometimes it’s the most random traits and tendencies that women have that make men fall head over heels in love or at least pique their interest.

Here are 20 refreshingly random things that men find attractive in women:

1. Women with small breasts

“The social thing is for girls to have huge tits, but my girlfriend has smaller ones, and I find them very very attractive. Obviously, I am biased, but I think it’s the fact that she doesn’t think they’re attractive which makes me like them even more.”

2. When women brush their hair behind their ears

“When their hair gets in their face, and they blow it away or brush it behind their ear.”

3. Women who are quick-witted

“When girls can talk sh*t back to me. I use sarcasm a good amount, and someone who can give a quip back to me immediately has my interest.”

4. When women can’t reach things properly

“Getting on their tippy toes to reach for something.”

5. When women wear cute socks

“If a girl is showing off her legs and she’s wearing cute socks, socks with cool colors, socks with fluffy bits, short socks, long socks, frilly socks, or even just plain socks, I can’t help but find the girl super cute, and then super attractive!”

6. Intimate details

“I like those two little dimples above a girl’s butt.”

7. Women who are genuinely passionate about something

“It’s fascinating when a girl has a hobby. It’s interesting if she can talk about it or she takes pictures of it that aren’t just pictures of her. It’s cool when she has a passion for something other than herself.”

8. DIY pedicures

“Anytime I see them painting their toenails. It’s rare these days with most getting pedicures.”

9. Genuine belly laughs

“I love dumb laughs in girls. One girl, I used to like would laugh like a donkey when she would laugh hard, and it embarrassed her so she would try to cover her face, and it just made her laugh more.

I saw her fake laugh plenty of times, so I loved that I was able to get this kind of laugh from her sometimes.”

10. Something only he can see

“Her subtle birthmark.”

11. Their signature scent

“How they smell. Nothing is more attractive than a woman with a classy but sexy signature scent.”

12. Women who are geek chic

“Wear glasses. I know ‘boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses,’ but damn… I think they look amazing.”

13. Women wearing winter clothes

“Winter clothes. A lady pulling off a mitten with her teeth to use her phone or light a cigarette is the Minnesota version of a slow-motion beach walk.”

14. When women yawn

“For some weird reason when cute girls yawn it just makes me wish I was their boyfriend so I could cuddle and kiss them to sleep.”

15. Cleanliness is next to godliness

“A chick that takes care of her bathroom.”

16. Women who don’t brush off compliments

“Was on a date last week, the first after coming out of a six-year relationship. I complimented her and she just accepted it, didn’t try to put herself down or anything. That was a bit alien to me, and I loved it. Instantly thought so much better about her, confidence is sexy.”

17. When women scratch themselves

“It’s not something you seem them often do. I’ve only ever seen SO’s do it. It’s oddly hot. The everydayness of it is attractive.”

18. A woman who is her person

“To be honest… I usually notice, before anything else, that a woman is thrilled and satisfied with herself. The most attractive woman to me is a woman who does not NEED a partner, but wants someone to tag along on her adventures.”

19. Women who carry water bottles

“Carrying water bottles. Not a huge ones, regular ones. If a cute girl is carrying one, I automatically fall in love for next ten minutes. Without the bottle, it’s five.”

20. Women on their phones

“I have been pushed over the edge into infatuation by her sitting checking her phone in the corner. I don’t quite understand it myself.”

So there we have it: 20 surprising and unexpected things that men dig about women. Of course, there are much more we could have added to the list, as the random things that men find a turn on indeed is endless. But you know what they say – the heart wants what it wants.


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