20 FML Confessions To Make You Feel Better!

Life never fails to surprise us with its offerings every now and then. Most of the times they are gifts which we are obliged to accept. However, sometimes people are not very happy with these gifts which life offers. From getting busted for lying about homework to losing dollars in an internet scam, things just can’t get any more uncomfortable than the list we have compiled for you.

So just give it a read and be happy that you were not at its receiving end.

1. Here’s to the world’s most caring Mom!


2. When the email backfires on you.


3. The last virgin trip?


4. Guess the joke was on the joker.


5. Perks of having a manly wife!


6. Let’s sign up for some anti-depressant pills next


7. Guess some just like to watch!


8. As my friend caused a Catastrophe!


9. Cracking the Heavy-Breathing mystery.


10.And the waiting never stopped


11. One boyfriend and 25 cents short.


12. Guess the meeting was called off !!


13. Shouldering the Dead!


14. Closed in the Closet.


15. And some random rash decisions!


16. Life of a rapist doppelganger


17. Thank you so much, Dad!


18.Apparently, not everything you see is true


19: Doesn’t sound very fun to me.


20: Think a thousand times before being funny next time.


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