20 Illustrations that describe the most intimate, fascinating and unexplored side of couples

There is nothing more beautiful for a couple than having moments of intimacy that  interpenetrate more and more. Although many think that talking about this is something morbid and even dirty, it is nothing more than fascinating. Going from that frantic moment when the hormones cry out for the bodies to unite to the point where ecstasy makes them explode with passion. It is a bond that very few can understand.

Every relationship is based on love, and that feeling goes hand in hand with a lot of sweetness and care, which combined a good exploration and understanding of sexual intimacy makes it invincible. And the artist Frida Castelli dedicated herself to creating a series of illustrations that describe in a very delicate way what love is like in that erotic environment that can only be understood by a couple who live it in their own flesh and who usually become an addiction. Let’s see some of his most ardent works …

1. Loving yourself while deciphering all your thoughts.

Being like an open book for the other is a double-edged sword: on the one hand, you can establish the trust and most real relationship with your partner, but on the other, you may be ruining the magic of an intense love and inciting new experiences.

Frida Castelli illustrations

2. No approval or blessing is needed at this time …

Love is a kind of risk: either it becomes the manifestation of the development of a relationship that can last for life, or it is the beginning of the monotony and boredom that will kill love forever.

Frida Castelli illustrations

3. “In your arms I feel my enthusiasm rebound to face any problem …”

The calm can be felt.

Frida Castelli illustrations

4. In their privacy only they understand …

They listen, they advise themselves and they laugh at their nonsense.

5. Tied to passion …

Nothing else matters here. We do not need anything else in the world, neither praise nor constructive criticism, we can ignore the applause and insults of those around us because we both form a separate universe.

Frida Castelli illustrations

6. We have already said this is a double-edged sword …

And your heart is at risk …

Frida Castelli illustrations

7. And the bodies intertwine …

Frida Castelli illustrations

8. “In your mouth, I undo like a candy.”

Frida Castelli illustrations

9. They love each other, they support each other and they understand each other …

10. Nobody needs to say that they make a beautiful couple …

Frida Castelli illustrations

11. In the blood they can feel that they belong to each other …

12. In your arms I lose myself

13. The sweet nectar of your lips

14. This heart that belongs to you

15. Do not go

16. Good morning my love.

17. You are the air I breathe

18. Everything is for you

19. It is in your arms where I find my strength.

20. I adore you, I love you, I embrace you

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